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on Saturday, May 3, 2008

We all go into hibernation. Maybe I did too, probably I still am. Is it a big deal? Should it worry people if I want to go into a shell and not come out for a while? Look.... months have passed and I have not changed. I still start my posts with silly questions about myself. I am my favorite topic to talk, write, argue and discuss about.

Life is definitely a journey, a roller coaster ride. Look back, review and you would nod in agreement. Not that I was going through some catharses, yet life was not still. Something kept happening. Things that kept me busy, they made me do what I love doing - 'discovering myself', but somewhere (blame the 'hibernation period' if you please) I feel like a person nearing schizophrenia. You know the feeling, where you tend to think so much, analyze and focus on certain issues so much that your mind ends up being all numb (If you are not shizophrenic... you actually would not know this feeling :s). As I write this, I am feeling scared. I am praying too hard that it is just a phase, a short lived one.

I am in no mood of writing a long post. I actually, did not have anything in mind to write about but I am posting just for the heck of it. I am never out of topics to talk about, write and be all opinionated (Afterall I am the Blah Queen...), yet I did not even care to visit my blog while others did and left comments too. (Thanks guys!!) I was not out of time and my love for Blogosphere was not temporary either. It was I guess what I mentioned earlier, hibernating at a place which I did/do not enjoy too much, but has got me numb for sure, not emotionally though.

I think I want to wake up now, move out and breathe. I need a jerk! I need a push! I just need 'myself' now! (huh... myself is such a lame way of putting what I want :p lol..) And now, the truth... It is friggin' 3 50 a.m. and I am awake just to update my blog, look-wise as well as text-wise. And since I am absolutely random I have all the right to talk whatever shit I want to. Explanation - I am only very sleepy not drunk... though I want to be drunk!! Bella.... come soon man!!

And this post is dedicated to this super cute kid, Siddharth...(No no no... not the hibernation part...!!) Yes he too is a 'Kurt Cobain wannabe' and I am sure he also believes in the whole 'Main pehley janam mein Cobain tha' Hey hey... he is a decent guitarist... and what I love about him is that he almost has a good sense of humor and also almost knows how to be sarcastic. So to cut the long story short, this cute kid has started his own new blog called 'Randomness' and is so new to blogspot that he was actually 'ashamed' to share his link with me initially (Oh! ofcourse I know that was plain nautanki). Now I am going to share his link with you all, do visit it... atleast his blog lives up to its name 'random-mess'.

Also, yes! He is quite responsible or rather lets put it more sweetly (since it is dedicated to Siddhartha) the credit goes to Siddhartha for waking me up and reminding me 'sheet!! I got a blog too man!!' Duh... I I said... a push...a jerk... well well well...WHAT-EVER!!...huh... I think I am back now, guys!! Will be visiting your blogs and updating mine more regularly now ( all can smirk and shoo this fake promise with a 'huh..' or a 'yeah right...', keeping my past records in mind). Anyway... killing the krap... I have proven Siddhartha that blogs are afterall meant for 'some' or maybe dull 'crap'. Blogs are personal...there can be nothing 'issue-based' about a blog. It is always about 'random' opinions, my friend! Isn't it, my dear old blogger friends? Missed you all... hugs n kisses... :) And Siddhartha beta, Keep Blogging, my man! ;)

Yo baby!! Kareena sucks in her size zero!! Hail Power Yoga for 'rib-showing waists' and flabby skin... tone you body a lil, honey, wont do much harm to you...!! :P

Arrrggghhh... the last two lines were just to prove publically, how much I have disliked Kareena in Tashan and her overly hyped 'bikini scene'...huh... so instead we shall hail...??? uuumm... my comeback??...okay you guys definitely do not like this idea... Cobain?? Neah... I prefer Satriani and Hendrix as guitarists... Then who?? Okay... HAIL BABBAN!! (Babban is my other friend's new pet cat. The only cat, till date, whom I have found cute, all of 17 days... cute, isn't it?)

Long Live Babban!! :D


Amjad... said...

Babban is mine! MINE! mInE! MiNe!

Haider Khan said...

so what does blah mean?? i searched in dictionary but not able to find it

Comfortably Numb said...

From hibernation to blogs to 3 50 am to cats to kareena kapoor to the cat (yeah Babban :P) to what not!

Im sure ur the undisputed Blah queen..Even I was without blog topics some days back...Lol those some days back include yesterday :P . But hats off to make a post out of NOTHING :))


My blog:

Comfortably Numb said...

Hey thanks a lot!
Not many people reach out to blogs and not many people reply to comments :)
And yeah you have a nice blog up here :D

Looking forward on hearing from you :D

shakti said...

hey i really like your style of writing... can relate to it so much!!
good goin....

Keshi said...

omg that baby kitten is such a cutie!!

Im a huge Cobain fan.

I hate Kareena...skinny bossy biyatch who prolly needs to go on a steak feast!


Siddhartha said...

Yaz, so she'll peep into her blog more often now. Yep, I've now got the hang of this blogging thing. It's great! Thanks for your help. And since your blog is so famous and so many people keep visiting it, I'm bound to have fellow bloggers go through my blog as well :) Yes, readers, I'm the Siddhartha she mentioned above. Have a look at my blog. It's weird, and that is why I like it so much. So a special yay for you, Nabila. You're sweet and I love your blog. I do hope you now manage to find time to remain active on your blog once more.
"I'm so happy, 'cause today I found my friends, they're in my head"

zap said...

'I need a jerk', you say..
Look no further. I am one.

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

@ Amjad... Haha... Wanna fight???

@ Haider... Keep visiting to understand 'blah' better ;)

@ Comfortably numb... Firstly, I love this Pink Floyd song... And oh.. thank u :) I just hope to remain the undisputed Blah Queen and have no one usurp my precious hard earned throne :)

@ Shakti... Thanks ya... :)

@ Keshi... Dunno about Kareena... I would definitely love to go on a steak feast ;)

@ Siddhartha... Cheers to your random mess!! ;) Yay!! And Thanq for the special yay!! I love 'yays' :)

@ Zap... That way... I'll look anywhere and I would find not one but many. The world is full of them.. isn't it? ;)

Gaurav said...
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Gaurav said...

hey hendrix and satriani okk...but wat abt Jimi Page..Led Zepp..phenominal guitarist isnt it?? And also Kurt was more for his fuckin awesome voice than guitaring ...anyways awesome post!! keep writing!!

Gaurav said...

ooops....forgot to mention the main thing...this post of yours may get published in upcoming magazine on blogging and bloggers...if you dont have any problems!!

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

@ Gaurav.... Sheet!! How could I forget Page!! I leeooovveee him totally!!! :D N Kurt was a nice guitarist too!! :)

Hhhhmmm.... I dont have any probs... but it would be nice if you shed some details about the mag and its publication.... :)

aninda said...

u have a whacky style of blogging ... n well its true to how ideas n thts pop up in our head ... n u pen it down ... from kareena to cat wow ...hehehhe n yes thanks for going thru my art work


Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

@ Aninda... :)

Scribbles! said...

Hey Nabila,
Man 7 months of human hibernation...too much! anyway nice to see you back here.
take care.

(Well I'm a friend of mezaidi)

Kandy said...


honestly speaking your posts are a tad too long for me to remain glued

also i dont like the idea of digressing often. :)