on Saturday, July 28, 2007

Okay...so I was avoiding this for some time, but Daman..here you go..finally taken your tag!!

8 frigging things about ME!! This is tough...but I'll try...


1) I hate doing this, infact I hate the question itself 'so..tell me something about yourself'...what the hell am I suppose to tell anyone about myself...I really think its a DUMB question...!!

2) I am an extremely closed person...though I am like all 'one should express oneself all the time' and blah blah blah and yes I do scream and shout when I see something going wrong around me. But, when it comes to my personal relationships, I am not very expressive and also am not very easily able to share my personal feelings and emotions with even the 'closest' person in my life.

3) I love arguements...well not literally....as in meaningful discussions...simply love talking about my thoughts and opinions about a particular thing and have others talk about it too...(one reason why I simply love blogging).

4) I have had only one SINGLE crush till date, which lasted for about four months or something, untill I told my best friend about it (and I told her when we came to know he liked her and she liked his best friend...lol(how filmy is dat!!) :P)

5) Because of the above point, my friends and now even my family suspects that I am probably a Lesbian (lol), had to really explain them...I AM STRAIGHT!! (but my friend still thinks, if not a Homosexual, I must be an Asexual then, which I deny all the time despite feeling the same sometimes :P )

6) I am SHOCKED to see my will power these days. There is tasty food around me and I am NOT cheating!!

7) If, while talking to someone, that person says something really dumb or stupid, I find it beyond me to carry on that conversation. Just change the topic and I will still, probably be disinterested. Atleast I won't be all silent.

8) Oh freak!! This one time as a kid, must be 10 or 11, I was bored so called on the random number, like a blank call, and these people on the other line started taking someone's name - as if expecting that person is giving them blank calls. I hung up and then that person called back (caller I.D.s...ggrrr!!). My sister answered and since she did not know what I had done, she was like 'no noone called'. Now, came the worst part, next day this man comes to my house!! (Fudge!! I so hate caller i.d.s!! :X ) and I was all alone, so I like 'stupid babies' started crying and told him I was playing and he was like 'Oh its okay Beta' and left. When Mom and Baji were back, told them the whole thing and that man called again!! huh....and then we came to know that his younger brother actually ran away from the house and that is the reason why they got so worried thinking that it was probably him who was calling!! >>phew<< And yes I swore not to play pranks like these EVER!!(you all do the same, if in case anyone reading this is as stupid as me :P)

Alas!! I am done with MY TAG!! :D And I must admit that I took allot of time to think each point ( told you!! I can never write about myself!!), but I enjoyed sharing it with all of you. Hope I did not bore you and even if I did, you would not be reading this :P .

So...my turn to tag 8 more people...I am sure, most have been tagged already...but anyway...TAKE MY TAG!! Here goes my list...
Prince Kazarelth
Stoned Grey
*Evil Laughter* ha ha ha ha ha !! Now..lets see...how easy is it for you guys to 'so...tell me something about yourself :P' 8 points!!

Happy TagginG!!

RocK oN!!

Love hugs and kisses to all!!


on Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alright I know I have been away for over two months now, but that does not mean I am dead. I am very much alive, if only JAUNDICE does not decide to kill me!!

Not like I was toooo busy, but somehow could not take out time for my blog, okay I am horrible, selfish, mean..blah blah blah...okay now shut up and listen!! ( I know I don't talk like this..telling you..its all because of the frigging 'peelya' (yeah...that's what its called in hindi/urdu))

So...firstly SORRY for being away for so long, neither writing nor visiting any blogs. Secondly...jaundice is taking a toll over my brain because of which I for the first time chose to write about MYSELF on my blog.

There was allot that I saw, noticed, realized and wanted to write about...be it about family weddings or strange kids acting too smart...huh...but today I want to vent out my frustrations...my deepest desire on my blog. All I can think about, dream about, see around me, smell around me feel around and the ONLY craving since the past fifteen days is FOR FOOD!! (just told you...jaundice is taking its toll :p )

I am dying to have chicken nuggets...I can actually feel its taste in my mouth, but sadly can not eat ANYTHING for the next two months at least and NO NON VEG for the next 6 fucking months!! And people expect me not to want to have 'samosas' in this rainy season. GOD DAMN IT!! "What is going wrong with you?? You were never so fond of samosas?', questions my mother, and all I can do is lying on my bed, is give her the look that says 'does it matter? I cant eat it anyway, right??'

And to top it all, my Uncle is coming from Sharjah, and I so badly want to ask him to get me 'shawarmas' (it is a Lebanese dish/snack...whatever), but ha ha...can I? NO!! Oh...my college is also re opening next week, and the ONLY reason I survive in that sickening college is because you get awesome food in the canteen, but then yeaaaah...shit happens...:X!! And if you thought, my unfulfilled cravings is the only reason why I crib, how about having your birthday in some days and NOT BEING ABLE TO PARTY!!gggrrrr......

My food cravings are endless...can go on forever. But I hope, that this outrage may help in making me feel any better and little less restless and hungry and greedy for wontons, rajma chawal (kidney beans with rice), kebabs, sheermal, wine, and yes I can still go on....

I have always loved fresh juices, but not anymore, have had enough for the next two lives!! Though, I do get to automatically lose weight, can say 'I am on a detoxifying period' etc etc...but GUYS...FOOD IS FOOD!! isn't it?

I hope and pray with a true heart today, that no one, should ever ever ever get jaundice! JAUNDICE IS FATAL - NOT EATING WHAT YOU WANT, KILLS!!