on Thursday, March 25, 2010

It feels like waking up from your grave. I am back on my Blog after some donkey years and it is feeling new. Earlier too, I tried writing but just did not get down to it. Life has been a mess. Changing academic streams. Changing cities. Adapting to the friggin city. Beggining to live on your own and all that. It can be quite a task. And while you are still adjusting, comes the disillusion and you start wondering out of restlessness what are you doing here? And why? Sometimes you are better off than the plan you have made for yourself. But aahh... forget it. It took me three full months of hibernation and shit loads of talking to get me out of the 'I am dropping out' phase.

I guess, it is all just new and I have to make my stand ONCE AGAIN, which took me two years to make in my city. Work needs to begin from scratch. I am trying, which is why I feel better, otherwise I was definitely quitting. :P But I am glad I have some of the best people around me to help me through this. I intend getting back to my blog and start posting like I used to too. So, maybe things will work out. Over the months, allot has happened and I am not even getting there. Infact, this post is boring the hell out of me. >>yyyaaawwnnn<< What a useless post this is. And I am writing this just for the heck of it. :P

Okay, so all I needed to do was, scribble here so that I get started. Now that I have bored myself and you (just incase anyone remembers this blog :P), I am done. I will be back soon to write properly, hopefully. :)

Take Care.