If you're a Feminist....you ought to be Homosexual!!

on Monday, May 7, 2007

Was recently having a casual conversation with a fellow blogger on our very own 'orkut', when, after checking out my over 100 communities she asked if I was a feminist? Well, the answer was obvious with about 10 of my communities dedicated to feminist issues, but I chose not to be direct. I questioned her back on what was her definition of a feminist? "Men sharing a public toilet with women, vice-verse. Equality is what us feminists want, right?" She was right! (not about the toilets, but otherwise) And my next stupid rhetoric question was a predictable one with an equally predictable answer, "I'm a feminist too." She continued the conversation, "I came across this book that quoted how people felt feminists were usually lesbians. And how they were usually into dark elements and blah :P
Its quite stupid come to think of it. Are all politicians homosexual in that case?" This question left me feeling good, 'so I am not the only one, who faces the 'you are a lesbian' s***.'

Come to think of it, I can understand the logic such zanies come up with. Maybe they think that a woman feeling so strongly for another woman, standing up for her justice, her rights, being so emotionally charged for, without even knowing her most of the times, could make these buffoons think of such deep aggressive feelings turning sexual as well. I am not against homosexuality, I respect all sexualities with a true heart.

Understanding the logic behind lesbians, I come to gays. There are many men, who are feminists and trust me I do not look up to them as 'Oh My God!! Look at him...he is a man yet he is standing for feminist issues..blah blah blah' (yeah right!!...huh!) Why should one look up to a man like this? Why is it treated as a BIG DEAL for a man to be sensitive? And if he is, ha ha.. 'HE IS GAY'...now here is where my key question lies....Women feminists becoming lesbians, I have sadly managed to stoop myself low enough to understand the probable cockamamie system of logic behind that. But on the grounds of the same logic, how do 'sensitive male-feminists' become gays? If they are 'feminists' then gays????

Strange are the ways airheads think! I am sure there are people who may go to the extent of insulting these men by saying their usual 'saalon ne choodi pehan ke rakkhi hai....namard saale!' If there are many of you, nodding your head in denial, take a reality check, we still have people who talk like this, think that way and force me into discovering a harsher term than 'MCP's for them.

I have written this in my earlier post on 'feminism' ( http://nabilazaidi.blogspot.com/2007/03/what-women-want.html ), that why would one celebrate only 'Women's Day', why not a 'Men's Day' and the answer to it is simple, 'Men do not have breasts!' If I go on to elaborate this statement of mine in connection with women related issues, the post shall be never ending. But then, I am still left unanswered with an intelligent reasoning for feminists being homosexuals, be it a man or a woman? Why should being sensitive be classified as 'gay' for men, and for women, 'oh it is natural' WHY?? Being hypocritical about issues, people, events, behaviours is still understandable, but emotions? All of us have them, we may be blinded by faiths and beliefs that are in real terms non existent, like that of 'MCPs', all that 'men are superior' or even 'do not do this, you are a woman', these are silly beliefs which lead to a thousand sins and increasing female victims.

If some people stand up for these victims, why should the rest be judgemental about it and make personal opinions!! Why should people be opinionated and judgemental at all? Why should a feminist be a homosexual? In a survey on 'Do feminists hate men?', it was found 25% positively agreed and 75% denied. The 25% hating men may not necessarily be homosexuals, but have valid reasons to hate men. There are allot of times when I hate men totally. Yes maybe we feminists do hate men at times, but as you see, most of us (75%) also understand that not everybody is the same, every human is different from the other. When the sufferers are not being opinionated, then why you?