Alls well that ends well...!

on Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As many hurdles you pass, the better results are received!! Personally, true, so far! The biggest hurdle (which I enjoy completely) for me is this stupid public transport thing! I love it for sure and find it more comfortable and convenient than a vehicle of your own, but it gets to me when I have to go places which are way too far, not that I mind it really. I enjoy my work, remember? :), yet..

Recently, I had to go and interview this elderly Doctor, all of 72 years old. I am telling you, as much as old people love to talk, they are as inspiring too! He stayed like in the outskirts of the city and my appointment with him was in early hours of the morning. The lazy sleepy ass that I am, it was going to be really tough for me. Outskirts! Early morning! Public Transport!! Haha Nabzy baby, you were in for a ball!! ;) Until my overly protective sister decided to be utterly sweet, compromise on her early morning sleep and drive me down. (Yay!! Problem solved!!) But, she does not stay here, she had no idea where I was taking her. Sultanpur Road! She said, "What? Where? There has to be an area name? Something! What Sultanpur Road?" We were half way to Sultanpur, when, thanks to the few landmarks the Doctor's wife had told me about could be seen on that 'country side road' which takes you straight to Sultanpur, we reached 'safe n sound'.

"Okay, Nabila! Make sure you do this quick, but what Doc. is he? Why do you have to interview him?" I really did not want to tell her, she would kill me. "He is a Vet." And just as I expected, "W-H-A-T!!?? Early in the morning, you make me drive to almost another district in the state, to interview a 'jaanvaron ka daaktar'." The huhs and ggggrrrrs... follow till date and shall continue all life. Memorable, you see! :)

So, now this guy, unlike how I had imagined him to be, looking weak, very smiley and slightly hunched back. Yes! I had not imagined him like this. Imagined him more like a fit, straight back, suited, serious man. He was a sweetheart and he actually took lesser time than I had imagined. Firstly, cause he is 72, the older people get, the more they love to talk, my grandpa was like that too. It is now, I feel sad for all the journos who came to my place to interview Dada. And oh, secondly cause what we were going to talk about was amazingly interesting (not for my sis definitely! She is not an animal lover!)

The year Dr. Narendra Deva Shrama retired, that very year he made the country's first ever Animal Crash. Cute, isnt it? He wanted to actually open a yoga training institute, since he was completely into yoga and all that, and there weren't many proper yoga institutes in Lucknow in 1995 too. Anyway, it so happened that a friend left a dog at his place and said "This is your first dog for the crash!", to whom he had mentioned about the animal crash plan (which he was not that serious about, then) . But there was no escaping that plan now, and then began his animal crash story. He told me that most dogs which came to him became so emotionally attached to him that they often forgot their original owners. Wow!! I would not want to leave my dogs with him!! But hai hai ye majboori... (I dont have a dog anyway... :'( or :D ... dunno... comfused..huh..anyway!!)

I knew he has been a Vet all his life, yet whenever people came to drop their dogs for a short while or long,how did he manage to befriend them? He said, he would study the dog's behavior in the first meeting and slowly make him comfortable. He insisted on analyzing the psychology of the animal! >>sigh<< I wanted to study Animal Psychology and take it up professionally, one day! :'(

And them my sis started to pull my kurta, showing signs of restlessness, boredom and hunger! A sweet interview it was! :)

So, the moral of the story is, that whenever I have traveled far for a story, it has always been very interesting and enticing. Like that Chhannilal story, I told you about in my 'Chai time Baqwas' post. That place was not too far, yet not too convenient either. And then this other coverage of a Special Children Olympics that was held here a few months back. That was a heart changing experience. Beautiful! Can not forget even a single moment spent there. I have been awe struck since then. Physically, mentally disabled children, running around, playing, racing, dancing, there was no negative competitive feeling anywhere to be seen or felt. It was like they were out in the open on that field just to enjoy their mental and physical freedom! They looked more free than most 'normal' people, free from grave matters that surround us, unnecessary stress that we take, free from all sorts of inhibitions and boundations! It was a feeling as if someone unlocked, unchained my tightly chained and locked heart, which started to breathe in the freedom and optimism they exuded! :)

This is the beauty of my profession. Inconvenience, deadlines, people hating you, people unnecessarily being nice to you too sometimes, too much of struggle, too less money, but it fulfills my desire to be a vagabond in minuscule ways. I get to see a world, know people, explore and expose myself to so much that I would not as a normal student. Just two years as a Freelancer in this field, still an undergraduate and I feel so nice about what I am doing. I feel like a changed person. I feel more liberated, more strong, and the independence part goes without mentioning. Though, I also get sick of it sometimes. Sometimes, I just do not want to write, sometimes I do not want to write 'about' a particular thing, sometimes I just get plain bored, but most of the time, I love it! The high that a byline gives you, is definitely better than any Adam (pun intended).

And, now I am hoping to see my self specialize from next year, if only things work in my favor. I just pray and wish, I really know what I want to specialize in! But, even if I don't, I'll be living the life of a gypsy, mentally. Living that gypsy dream of mine. :)

Guest Visit to my own Blog?

on Saturday, May 3, 2008

We all go into hibernation. Maybe I did too, probably I still am. Is it a big deal? Should it worry people if I want to go into a shell and not come out for a while? Look.... months have passed and I have not changed. I still start my posts with silly questions about myself. I am my favorite topic to talk, write, argue and discuss about.

Life is definitely a journey, a roller coaster ride. Look back, review and you would nod in agreement. Not that I was going through some catharses, yet life was not still. Something kept happening. Things that kept me busy, they made me do what I love doing - 'discovering myself', but somewhere (blame the 'hibernation period' if you please) I feel like a person nearing schizophrenia. You know the feeling, where you tend to think so much, analyze and focus on certain issues so much that your mind ends up being all numb (If you are not shizophrenic... you actually would not know this feeling :s). As I write this, I am feeling scared. I am praying too hard that it is just a phase, a short lived one.

I am in no mood of writing a long post. I actually, did not have anything in mind to write about but I am posting just for the heck of it. I am never out of topics to talk about, write and be all opinionated (Afterall I am the Blah Queen...), yet I did not even care to visit my blog while others did and left comments too. (Thanks guys!!) I was not out of time and my love for Blogosphere was not temporary either. It was I guess what I mentioned earlier, hibernating at a place which I did/do not enjoy too much, but has got me numb for sure, not emotionally though.

I think I want to wake up now, move out and breathe. I need a jerk! I need a push! I just need 'myself' now! (huh... myself is such a lame way of putting what I want :p lol..) And now, the truth... It is friggin' 3 50 a.m. and I am awake just to update my blog, look-wise as well as text-wise. And since I am absolutely random I have all the right to talk whatever shit I want to. Explanation - I am only very sleepy not drunk... though I want to be drunk!! Bella.... come soon man!!

And this post is dedicated to this super cute kid, Siddharth...(No no no... not the hibernation part...!!) Yes he too is a 'Kurt Cobain wannabe' and I am sure he also believes in the whole 'Main pehley janam mein Cobain tha' Hey hey... he is a decent guitarist... and what I love about him is that he almost has a good sense of humor and also almost knows how to be sarcastic. So to cut the long story short, this cute kid has started his own new blog called 'Randomness' and is so new to blogspot that he was actually 'ashamed' to share his link with me initially (Oh! ofcourse I know that was plain nautanki). Now I am going to share his link with you all, do visit it... atleast his blog lives up to its name 'random-mess'.

Also, yes! He is quite responsible or rather lets put it more sweetly (since it is dedicated to Siddhartha) the credit goes to Siddhartha for waking me up and reminding me 'sheet!! I got a blog too man!!' Duh... I I said... a push...a jerk... well well well...WHAT-EVER!!...huh... I think I am back now, guys!! Will be visiting your blogs and updating mine more regularly now ( all can smirk and shoo this fake promise with a 'huh..' or a 'yeah right...', keeping my past records in mind). Anyway... killing the krap... I have proven Siddhartha that blogs are afterall meant for 'some' or maybe dull 'crap'. Blogs are personal...there can be nothing 'issue-based' about a blog. It is always about 'random' opinions, my friend! Isn't it, my dear old blogger friends? Missed you all... hugs n kisses... :) And Siddhartha beta, Keep Blogging, my man! ;)

Yo baby!! Kareena sucks in her size zero!! Hail Power Yoga for 'rib-showing waists' and flabby skin... tone you body a lil, honey, wont do much harm to you...!! :P

Arrrggghhh... the last two lines were just to prove publically, how much I have disliked Kareena in Tashan and her overly hyped 'bikini scene'...huh... so instead we shall hail...??? uuumm... my comeback??...okay you guys definitely do not like this idea... Cobain?? Neah... I prefer Satriani and Hendrix as guitarists... Then who?? Okay... HAIL BABBAN!! (Babban is my other friend's new pet cat. The only cat, till date, whom I have found cute, all of 17 days... cute, isn't it?)

Long Live Babban!! :D