BACK with a BANG!!

on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Noh..... not me :P ... but Team India!! What a match it was.... not too long... exciting... great players... amazing form.... unpredictable... exactly how an India Pakistan Final is expected to be.

What if we played horribly during World Cup, we have made up for it in 20-20. India played a great match as a team and it also goes without commenting how Pakistan too gave us a tight match. Gul restricting our players and being tough on the 'Blues', disallowing them to reach their target. And those last sixes by Misbah-ul-Haq just changed the face of the match. We could have lost if it was not for Uttapa's catch. It could just be a repeat of the 1981 match...Chetan and Miandad...>>phew<< thrilling..isn't it? Simply crazy how the match went off...and then those screaming faces of the stars of the day flashing on your T.V. screen with the flag...the Chak De star (in his new look)...totally filmy...!!

Two new young captains...young players...and world cup, what could be more perfect than this? Some great matches through out the tournament, with the best coming, of course from Yuvraj Singh. His six sixes have not only earned him a crore, I am sure more advertisements too ;). And Dhoni in his true 'hero' style played the leader that probably the Indian cricket team was waiting for. Rising like a phoenix, the Indian Cricket Team has proved me and many others wrong who bashed them up just a few months back.

Exactly how I spat all the frustration of the Team's performance last time, I would like to apologize and hug the team (if I could) for the glory and pride that they bring to the country. :D They have played some smooth matches and have had calm wins under extreme pressure. A lot of its credit goes to Dhoni's captaincy, a true leader, whom I am absolutely in love with (again). Modesty, sincerety and hardwork being the best features of his face, it just shows...aaww...I am so proud and so in love with all our players!!

It is for the first time, I find it difficult to express my excitement, guilt and happiness for the team. I need to explain? Guilt...for under estimating them, losing faith in them...and happiness...well...this happiness is like , when you are so happy that all you do is sigh and smile. >>sigh<< :)!

I could not be happier to see the sports scene in India it the football tournament the religion of the are all in our true player spirits...we are simply here with a bang!! ;)

Can't resist being cliched here....