The Changing Face of Lucknow - Part I

on Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today is a big day for this famous city of culture, etiquettes and Nawabs. Today is the fifth phase of polling.

Barely 50% voting for the elections this time, but definitely we have had a 100% talking about them, cribbing about the ruling party and guessing the 'next ONE'...Well even I am a part of the other 50%...not voting...cribbing and guessing...Which party, this time has managed to scare the maximum poor souls with hired gunmen into voting for them? Who has managed to lure people with hope with their fake promises and their rattling speeches?Is it the 'Cycle', BSP, Sonia's party or the patriotic party with the national flower??

In my opinion and in many others, it is NOT the 'cycle', Mulayam Singh Yadav, unfortunately will not get much out of the support shown by the Bacchans or Amar Singh. He may have an advantage of Muslim votes, which BJP lacks, yet unsuccessful 'reigning' years in Lucknow has not left the state happy enough to bring him back in power. BJP....hhhhmmm...very successfully won the Mayoral elections, a few months back, but has the C.D. fiasco done any damage? OH hell yes!! In fact I remember reading this interview of Rajnath Singh, where he proudly avers that his party leaders are the only party leaders who have no personal negative records and the very next day in the very same paper the first page was full of BJP's 'Anti-Muslim' C.D.. But I wonder, does it make any difference?? Either way, they did not have much support from the Muslims. Now coming to Congress...ruling the country...but why does it fail to gain enough votes in U.P.? It did give an extremely tough ride to the BJP during the Mayoral elections and losing it with a very thin margin against BJP, but would it win this time? It could and I like that party so it would be great if it does win, after all the only party which has the maximum educated people involved with it, comparably.

But sadly, U.P. elections are usually not very surprising because in the past few years it has been noticed that it has been a Mulayam v/s Mayawati war. They both try and rip off each other every time during elections and the other one is elected. It is like an alternate game between the two. Once Mulayam then next Mayawati and then Mulayam again and then Mayawati...U.P. elections may sound very interesting and important to the country but have been almost stereotyped to the SP and the BSP...So obviously, Mayawati has maximum chances to come back into power, keeping the last few elections in mind. Also, after Mulayam, state folks feel Mayawati is the next best option for them. Where you have a Mulayam, during whose constituency, the crime rate graph increases, with Mayawati in power, you do see a considerable change in terms of safety and security, which is the prime concern of any state.

This was my analysis of the U.P. Elections. Will have to wait and watch, how far have I won in this guessing game... And will the face of Uttar Pradesh change this time??


`NEFTY said...

Best of luck for you:]

Prince Kazarelth said...

Ahaha. Look at the BJP... red in their face. {NO political pun intended...}
But, I'd say the Congress is worse..

Sharad Mathur said...

wel i dunt have much faith in the politicians anyways, but then mayawati is gonna come up with smthing spl this time i gues.. hope she comes into power soon.


Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

@ nefty Thanks!! :)

@ prince... Why do you think the Congress is worst??

@ Sharad...hhhmmm...lets see...I am eagerly waiting for the 12th...

Hershey said...

i definitely have no time to read all this right now...
but seeing as your exams are have ample time to read my post...and believe me... you will need time .

ciao for now.

Ainz said...

Hey, Its been a see-saw between Mayawati and Mulayam Singh for the better part of the last decade and between the two of them, U.P. has a better chance with Satan!! Mayawati won't stop spending millions of Rupees on Ambedkar statues and parks and Mulayam will stop at nothing to undo what ever Mayawati does. The crime rates have spiked, the devolopment boom across the country is a mere ghost in U.P. There is so much that this state can achieve but its constantly being held back by its 'leaders'. I bet Jharkand (ex-Bihar) is doing better overall than U.P. is now.

I usually just keep praying for these people to start dying off soon so that a new breed of (hopefully better) politicians can do something good. Its mostly the same all over the country. Sadly, now, more so in U.P.

By the way, thanks for dropping in and writing in my Blog. ;-)

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

@ for your comment on orkut about this...well firstly this aint a copy paste may find this information everywhere according to you but this was my opinion of the parties and polls...this may have ome from your end because of your lack in interest in politics mr. earthling ;)

Yes I will be checking out all your posts soon...saw your last one and went off to sleep just scrolling that is huge!! will divide your post into 7 and read it through out the week :p

@ ainz...Thanks for visiting! And yes it is a 'sad' see saw game between the two. A new breed may sound hopeful....but will that change the face of U.P....?? Hope is all we got and some itsy bitsy personal contributions that we can probably make in making the state (pun intended) better!!